Difficult things for a Child’s Heart

Difficult things for a Child’s Heart

To say that this pandemic hasn’t been difficult not only for us adults it’s enough to put ourselves in the shoes of the boys and girls

 Whom are far from their parents as a result of difficulties between their parents and their care and therefore taken to institutions like ours, for their custody, while resolving the situation that caused this measure, all precisely during quarantine.

The law is harsh “Dura Lex”, to assume in a generalized way this situation, involves a serious problem, the child, they are at the mercy of the respective institutions, despite the good intentions that surround them. Their particular gaze is not taken into consideration despite those tears that can’t hide what their wise heart feels, and cannot seem to comprehend the harsh rules of the law. Does he have a heart, that way I can address him and talk heart to heart and then find the answers of why I am not with my mom, my dad and my family?

Temporality does not exist for children; their individualities are just beginning to be discover what could be existing at any given time. The hearts of boys and girls fail to understand the harshness of the law, and why no one pays attention to their tears. Is this the perfect opportunity to recognize the marvelous individuality that assist us since the moment we came into this world y for which must serve to guide the decisions that the State’s institute must make at any given time? Will it be possible to review them in light of their particular needs and find a way out that alleviates their grieving little hearts and their river of tears stop? Is it possible to give children the opportunity to give us ideas, proposals, where the love expressed by their little hearts is actually taken into consideration, will there be a way of healing their soul?