Niños de Los Andes Foundation

Our Organization has developed

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Together with the state’s proposals on the protection of children, has developed a phased model of care to serve the target population of their work: children and adolescents in situations of child labor and living on the streets, with rights violated and in extreme poverty. complying with the technical guidelines of the ICBF that guarantee the quality of the provision of services, and acting under the principles of the our philosophy that contemplate the loving treatment and the awakening of the conscience like central axis of the daily task.

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It is developed through day and night tours through Bogotá and Manizales, where groups of people living on the street or with violated rights are located and contacted, we offer them comprehensive ambulatory services in health, psychological, work social, information and education, referrals to other services, orientation, income to the protection program and coverage of survival needs.

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It corresponds to the process of adaptation to the institutional environment, norms, services and therapeutic interventions of the case, giving a family substitute care, school leveling, making initial diagnoses, case studies and definition of the intervention plan at the individual and family level.

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Once the child has accepted to change and improve their habits of life, begins their process of awareness for the construction of a better present and a promising future. From the teachings of Papá Jaime, “Never, never stop dreaming, put wings to imagination and landing gear to dreams”, children and adolescents begin to plan their lives directing their efforts to achieve new goals that will allow you to find the path to your inner harmony.

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Children and adolescents must prepare themselves to return to their family and society. To achieve this, every child must have learned to live with love; to forgive, that is, to remember without pain, and to give without expecting to receive, which are the three fundamental pillars on which the process of formation and transformation of the Niños de los Andes Foundation is based, based on the invaluable teachings of Papá Jaime.

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A process of accompaniment is developed through home visits, work visits, psychological and social care, legal advice, connection with special service networks, financial and material aids, which ensure success in the social inclusion of those who graduate from the program, reducing the risk of a return to the problem situation.