Niños de Los Andes Foundation

Boys and girls between the ages of seven and twelve

Admission to the protection program is allowed to boys and girls between the ages of seven and twelve who, maintaining or not contacting their family, prefer to move away from their marginal environment of low socio-economic levels where family violence, traumatic relationships , the physical and emotional abuse and the abandonment of the parents, leads them to find in the street and in the consumption of psychoactive substances the only means of subsistence.These children have the following characteristics:

  • They have lived on the street.
  • They have presented signs of mild consumption or light addiction to psychoactive substances.
  • They have had negative authority figures.
  • They are victims of physical, social and psychological.
  • Their families are disintegrated and dysfunctional.
  • They present affective deficiencies.
  • They have been children who at their young age, they work or have worked.
  • They have low schooling or school dropout.
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