It is necessary to start now to train children as “Citizens of the planet” and to educate them to belong to a world without borders, without cults to the flag and the hymn, without thinking that there are superior citizens to others, Papa Jaime Jaramilllo.

Historically we have had the support of positive and generous people, who through commitment, tolerance and discipline put aside their daily activities to devote part of their time VOLUNTARILY to the work of the Foundation. Through active participation, these philanthropists link their own efforts to the solution of the problem of street children, with a focus on solidarity understood as a duty and not as charity.

Linking to the Foundation can be done in different ways and from the personal and professional perspective of the interested parties, taking advantage of each one’s experience or feelings. Basically it is divided into work WITH children and work FOR children.

What to do?

  • Browse our page in its entirety to have a clear picture about our work. http://www.ninandes.org 
  • Informative Conferences are scheduled periodically at the San Cristóbal Headquarters for those interested. You can request information by phone at 6780655 with the receptionist or by email.
  • Always include your phone when you send an email. It facilitates the confirmation of your attendance.
  • If you are clear about the area of interest of your work, you can request a personal appointment with the officials in charge of the Social, Administrative, Disclosure or Solidarity Management departments according to your preference. Please identify yourself as a possible volunteer. We will gladly assist you.
  • At the time of your visit to the Foundation bring a resume.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve.

For foreigners
The Foundation believes in the brotherhood of nations and in international cooperation, as fundamental tools for its institutional technical growth and consequently appreciates the interest of people from all countries of the world to join our cause.

We demand some minimum requirements in addition to those previously mentioned, in order to guarantee the success of your work: General knowledge of Colombia, the problems that concern us and Children’s Rights.

Age: Between 20 and 50 years. Minimum time required: Between 1 and 3 months if volunteered or practiced respectively. Handling of the Spanish language that allows an adequate communication with the children and with the staff of the plant.

Professional or technical training completed or taken up to semester of practices, according to our institutional needs: Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Special Education, Reeducation, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Sociology, Sports, Arts and crafts and other disciplines in the technical areas, social or humanities. Group management and some experience in working with street children or in marginal circumstances. Certification of the University if the practice is part of the curriculum. Formal application of the practice space at least six 6 months in advance. Due to the lack of available resources for this purpose, lodging, support and transportation expenses in Colombia will be borne by the interested party. The accommodation during the time of service may not be in the facilities of the Foundation. Food is provided by the Foundation during the working day at the headquarters. Signature of our Wills Convention for the donation of time. Finally and for security reasons, the applicant must be aware of the complex situation of public order in Colombia and assume responsibility for any event derived from it.