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“Do not consider yours anything you have not used in a year, give it to someone who needs it”.
Jaime Jaramillo

This campaign conceived in favor of the fundamental rights of children, is an invitation to all citizens to “rescue the value of what no longer serves” and give us the possibility of reusing it at the service of children and young people in situations of street that serves the Children of the Andes Foundation.

It means “making it useful for its new owner.” It is about using again an object that has already been used in order to lengthen your life and prevent it from becoming garbage

How To Help

Gather all those objects that seem obsolete and unusable or that are no longer needed instead of storing them and occupy precious space. We make the most of them to help our children.

Periodic Archive Paper

Cardboard Computer equipment

Office furniture Accessories

Scrap Fixtures


We do not recycle plastic or glass.

Contact our Donations Director as soon as possible at PBX 6780655.

You support us and we help you to put your house in order!

And also your office, company, factory, school, university, hotel, restaurant, building or residential complex.

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