Why Do We Exist?

The progressive urbanization of our cities, particularly Bogotá, has accelerated the settlement of families of rural origin in the cities of our country in recent times, aggravating this situation due to the movement of the population displaced by the armed conflict. This migratory flow has pressured the formation of belts of misery devoid of the goods and services provided by the State. The precarious housing, the total lack of the most elementary services are a continuous threat to life itself and occupies all the members of the family in the search for solutions to the problems of subsistence.

As a result, the originally solid family becomes vulnerable and ends up breaking under the pressure of the demands imposed by urban life. These irregularities are gradual processes that usually begin with the abandonment of the family by their boss or responsible adults, which results in the abandonment of the children, who must survive by themselves in conditions of deprivation and uncertainty.

These circumstances have generated a rapid growth of the problem of the child in a street situation, which on the one hand quickly becomes an adult with responsibilities, and on the other, is totally disconnected from the family. Thus the child learns these rules of survival in the street and acquires behavior patterns of street subculture, prostitution, sexual exploitation, criminal behavior, consumption of psychoactive, illegal mechanisms to survive.

Another situation causing this problem is the low access to basic education by a large percentage of the population, which affects the increase in the rate of population growth due to lack of adequate birth control; the proliferation of free unions, the initiation of sexual relations at an early age (12, 13 years old girls) (14,15 years old children) and permanent changes of couple, are other causes that result in the abandonment of children begotten irresponsibly.

The rates of intrafamily violence are so high that the cases of abused children continue to increase; 87% of reports of sex crimes reported in the Institute of Legal Medicine correspond to children under 19 years of age. Although there is no census of street children, it is estimated that between 15,000 and 30,000 are in this situation of abuse and social exclusion. This panorama shows a flagrant violation of the fundamental rights of the child population.

It is in this context where the Fundación Niños de Los Andes helps the children, by proposing their integral project of attention.

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