Our History

The birth of the Fundación Niños de los Andes is marked by a painful anecdote: In December 1973, Papá Jaime witnessed how a street girl who rushed to pick up the box of a doll and she was hit by a truck . Since then, he decided to fight with all means for helpless children providing medical attention, food, affection and a place to live.

In a social context where street children had become part of the urban landscape, Jaramillo’s action arose as an individual commitment framed within a welfare scheme to help this population. This work began in the 70s and is being fed by a group of volunteers, where what prevails is a relationship of friendship and a sense of philanthropic help.

As a result of this work, Jaime Jaramillo decided to organize a house to care for street children. In this way the Foundation was established, which obtained its legal status in 1988, emanating from the ICBF.

As of this moment, a process of consolidation and construction of the institution began. For the decade of the 90s, a technification and definition of the process and of the attention services began.

In 1999 the Foundation assumed the participation in the “Project for Strengthening, Self-evaluation and Quality Standards”, led by UNICEF, ICBF and the Restrepo Barco and FES Foundations, with the purpose of qualifying the protection processes in the institutions designed for this purpose. end. The results of this process were reflected in a better quality of service offered to street children. At the end of 2000, the Foundation was evaluated for the first time under the parameters of these quality standards, an event that earned it an excellent rating by the organizing bodies.

In 2006, with the support of the Ministry of Social Protection, we actively participated in the implementation of a national program for the progressive reduction of child labor. This project was carried out in 12 departments, 34 municipalities in the country, in which sought to identify and transform the imaginaries that legitimize and perpetuate child labor in urban, rural and mining contexts, recognizing the priority of schooling as a strategy for the reduction and subsequent eradication of the problem.

In 2007 with the support of the ICBF, the Foundation is part of a temporary Union with the YMCA and the Renacer Foundation, to carry out the execution of a project of the European Union that, at the national level, intended to help children helpless The objective was to develop activities of promotion, prevention, nutrition, psychosocial attention and healthy occupation of free time for children and adolescents in street life situations or at risk of being. These activities were developed during five years, in the day contrary to the school schedule in order to reduce the risk of approaching the street as a subsistence habitat under the modality of Shelter and Coexistence Centers.

Since 2010, the challenge has been to strengthen in children and adolescents, in the management team, the group of care professionals and in the rest of employees, the principles of the Philosophy SER of Papá Jaime that is based on the adoption of a natural and simple lifestyle based on the awakening of consciousness, which inspires us to live from love and not from fear. This thought has been consolidated day by day in a methodology, which contains tools that indicate the way by which we carry this philosophy to our children.

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